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Diving Bali Daily Dive Trips

Diving Bali is located in Sanur (white sandy beach) in the south-east of Bali, just 20 Mintues north-east of Kuta and within 45 minutes of the two other main tourist areas of Nusa Dua and Kuta. The Diving Bali  Sites we visit are located from just a few minutes to Sanur Dive Sites and further Bali dive sites to the north-east and north-west, your journey will take you through some of Bali's most scenic countryside. You will need proof of certification i.e log book, cert card, In addition you need to bring such items as sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuit and we will help with an diving bali smile. Diving Bali has Digital underwater cameras available for rental - including flash Drive transfer

Diving Bali offers Dive RAID Discover Scuba Diving programs, A one day diving program for guests who would like to experience scuba diving but are not a certified divers. Our Dive RAID Instructors will introduce you to the aquatic realm surrounding the stunning USAT Liberty Wreck in Tulamben. There's no better place to make your first dive to experience the beauty and ease of scuba diving. Guests that complete our Dive RAID Discover Scuba Diving program can then dive with our guides on a Diving Bali Safari or Bali Day Trip.This is a great way for non certified divers to join their family and friends on dive trips while staying in Bali. Snorkers are welcome to join us on Bali Daily Dive Trips or Bali Diving Safaris

All the Bali Dive Sites are available for day trips. 
Choose a destination. Diving Bali will pick up and drop off from any South Bali hotel.

Pick-up times (approx) are as follows: for Padang Bai
Nusa Dua/Tanjung Benoa 06:45-07:00
Kuta 07:15-07:35
Sanur 07:30-0745
Candi dasa 08:00
Ubud 08:00
Pick-up times (approx) are as follows: for Tulamben
Nusa Dua / Tanjung Benoa 06:45-07:00
Kuta 07:15-07:35
Sanur 07:30-0745
Ubud 08:00
Candi dasa 08:00

All the Diving Bali packages can be combined with RAID Dive Training to give you the best value diving while enjoying training with Diving Bali

Diving Bali Daily Dive Trips:

Canyon and Shark Point:

Diving at Mimpang and Tepekong - As Thier is no guarantee with diving, but we will be extremely surprised if you don't see a few sharks. In the event that either dive site is unsuitable due to weather conditions we can visit Blue Lagoon at which sharks are also frequently seen.

Mola-Mola (oceanic sunfish)

Diving specific locations around Nusa Penida during the July-September season, you have a very good chance of seeing Bali Sunfish these rare and wonderful pelagic visitors to Bali's waters.

Bat Cave and Manta Point:

Manta Point, south-west Nusa Penida, is where manta ray, tuna and tiger mackerel occasionally come in to feed. The Bat Cave is on the north side of a small sheltered bay and, although the approach is from underwater, is open to the sky. A drift dive along a wall heavily populated with lobsters, which may bring a leopard shark and eagle rays around Bat Cave.

One-Day Dive Trips:
Trip to: Road Time Type
Tulamben 2 hrs beach entry
Padang Bai 1hr 10 min. by boat
Nusa Penida 1hr 45min. by boat
Menjangan 3 hrs 15 min. by boat
Pemuteran 2.5 hrs 5-10 min. by boat

Scuba Diving Bali

Scuba Diving Bali

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