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Diving Bali - Mimpang

Gili Mimpang Gili Tepekong & Gili BiahaThese small islands and rocky outcrops lie just a kilometer off the East coast of Padang Bai Bali . In good conditions the three Islands in Amuk Bay - Gili Mimpang can be reached in a 10-15 minutes by speedboat from Padang Bai.

Gili (or Island) Mimpang consists of four small islands between Gili Tepekong and the Bali mainland. Underwater, the vast amount of sea fans offers some superb underwater scenery. Clouds of angelfish and chromis can be seen amongst the schools of other fish. It is common to see Napoleon wrasse here, as well as black rays, leopard sharks, and white tip reef sharks. This site really only goes down to around 18m so there is plenty of time to explore this beautiful site. The dive site is just 5 minutes away from Goat Island. It offers similar characteristic to the Goat Island with a specialty of Shark Diving. During 90% of the dives we made here, we saw Sharks at around 18 to 23m, sometimes more than 10 Sharks.

There are many Trigger Fishes, and schools of everything, the fish life is exceptionally rich. The current may be tricky, but negotiable. Mola Mola Bali Sunfish are regular visitors especially from July to September. This location is a great place to see something "BIG".

Conditions: Gili Mimpang sites are prone to the strongest currents, which can then bring in some chilling water. This can cause temperatures to drop from the usual high 20° C down to the low 20°s instead. Very often great visibility, with calm conditions in the high tide window.

Diving Bali - Mimpang

Diving Bali - Mimpang

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