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Diving Bali Sanur 

Sanur Dive Site underwater world lies + 300 m off shore from famous Sanur, take a short ride with jukung or small boat. Good variety of fish, soft and hard corals. Sea snake, Crocodile fish and sharks are occasionally seen. Ideal for beginner and experienced divers who seek adventure not far from civilization.

Scuba Diving in Sanur can be experienced easily and quickly. Sanur's underwater is exciting and performing a nice view with its white sands. Moreover the visibility in this Bali diving spot is fine, normally the visibility is 8 meters. Sanur dive site Bali, divers will also discover reef full of coral life. In this Bali diving spot, Diving Bali will give divers a general introduction to Bali underwater world with an excellent location, Sanur diving is a perfect place to begin you Scuba Diving in Bali. Coral within reach, Don't be the last to know, be the first to discover the majestic coral formations as well as marine life, While scuba diving in Sanur.

Diving Bali Sanur 

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