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Dive RAID Explorer 30

The RAID Explorer 30 course is an exciting, fun programme designed to increase your skills and understanding of the important core areas of diving and was developed to bridge the gap between traditional open-water diver and more advanced programs.

The Explorer 30 specialty, conceived to be an easy next step from the RAID Open Water 20 diver course, has minimal theory “All Online” and a focus on practical sessions themed to giving the diver more skills and experience while still under the watchful eye of their RAID Instructor supervision

 RAID Explorer 30 also allows the diver to participate in some alternative diving activities, including core dives featuring navigation, deep and second level buoyancy training, which are critical for safe diving in deeper depths and for the diver’s overall comfort.

The course will take you on 5 different dives so you expand on the knowledge and skills learned during your Open Water course. This specialty can be run for any certified diver who has the equivalent of RAID Open Water 20.

- Gain the basic skills to dive in a range of different environments or dive sites.
- Gain a higher level of buoyancy skills.
- Understand the principles of underwater navigation.
- Understand the procedures for planning on deep dives.
- Experience elective dives based on your local environment/ interests.

- To be a minimum of 15 years old.
- Certified RAID Open Water 20 or equivalent.
- Complete the RAID registration procedures.

- RAID On-line e-learning academic presentations, quizzes and exam 
- Practical skills during the 5 Open Water dives
    - RAID Deep Dive
    - RAID Navigation Dive
    - Buoyancy dive
    - 2 Elective Dives

RAID Certification - Explorer 30 Diver

Upon successfully passing the Explorer 30 Diver Speciality practical training you will receive: 
• RAID International Recognized Explorer 30 Diver Speciality Certification
• Life Time Access to RAID  On-line logbook
• RAID E-card
• Life time access to RAID Explorer 30 Diver Speciality manual

Dive RAID Explorer 30 diver


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