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RAID Freediving Instructor

Professional Freediving Instructor

Take your freediving journey to the ultimate level with our professional courses that equip you with the tools to teach others and share your love for our thrilling sport


We have been training instructors for over a decade and look forward to sharing with you the wealth and breadth of our experience and giving you the confidence to teach freediving.

The RAID Freediving Instructor course will equip you to teach the next generation of freedivers and share your passion for this amazing sport. Open to RAID Master Freedivers, SSI Level 3 freedivers, AIDA 4-star freedivers or equivalent, as well as scuba diving instructors (who also have the RAID Advanced Freediver qualification or equivalent), this course is the ultimate for preparing you to be a freediving instructor.

On the course you’ll learn the RAID freediving system and how to present it, as well as the theoretical and in-water teaching skills you need in order to be a confident and competent freediving instructor. You’ll learn how to understand and recognise the problems beginners face and how to help your students overcome them, and you’ll also get a deeper knowledge of all the other aspects related to teaching freediving such as legalities, business and marketing.


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