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Dive RAID Instructor Crossover

RAID instructors are highly regarded in the diving industry. Tooled up with modern diving techniques, they stand out from the crowd. Being associated with the fastest growing diver training agency will present many opportunities and students benefit from the best training available to them.

At RAID our philosophy is to train instructors to a higher standard so you can teach new and existing divers to be safer and more environmentally aware. This comes in the form of better/more efficient equipment configuration, modern skillsets, and being able to hover!

The RAID crossover programme is about understanding our efficient and comprehensive online system, role playing as student and instructor, in-water skills activities and visualising the instructor/dive centre signing off process.

Dive RAID Instructor Crossover

Why crossover to Dive RAID:

A few good reasons. First of all, RAID believes in teaching buoyancy control and trim from the first confined water session. No fin pivots, dive skills are conducted with students in trim and neutrally buoyant.

No paperwork. All releases, medicals, training waivers, logbook, everything is online. You can't proceed unless the paperwork is done, which prevents holding up cards for just that last bit of paperwork. Cards are electronically issued dirctly to the Student / Dive Centre and Dive Instructor. Cards are electronically issued by the Dive Centre and not the Dive Instructor.

Physics and Physiology and tables are taught in Dive RAID OWD 20. Physics and physiology are mentioned in depth including SAC and RMV. The are hammered home in each and every core course untill you reach RAID Divemaster, as it was when I was a lad.

RAID Orientation Programme Structure



Further Information: RAID Orientation Instructor Program


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