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RAID Open Circuit Try Dive Instructor

RAID Try Dive Instructor is the natural progression once you are a qualified and active RAID Divemaster, you need do is complete the on-line training, subject to and follow the RAID General Diving Standards (RGDS)which can be downloaded from your RAID profile.

Once the theory has been completed you can simply contact Diving Bali to arrange completion of your RAID Open Circuit Try Dive workshop.
How is the experience taught:

The Dive RAID Open Circuit Try Dive is available in TWO formats; online and offline

The online version is similar to all other RAID training and must be completed, checked and signed off on successful completion.
The offline version is to cater for circumstances such as resorts where it may be a spur of the moment decision by the participant to try diving. With this option the participant simply completes the offline paper RAID Try Dive Registration Form, listens to a presentation from a RAID Try Dive Instructor using the RAID Flip Chart and is assessed by the Instructor before proceeding to the water.
With both versions the water work may be done in a pool or suitable open water location.
RAID Divemaster may deliver the pool training section only - see the Instructor Guide & RAID General Diving Standards RGDS for more details.

Further Information: RAID Try Dive Instructor Program



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