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Dive RAID - Dive Leader

A RAID Dive Leader is one of the most highly respected ratings in the dive community and the first Pro level within the RAID system. RAID Dive Leader is a prerequisite to becoming a RAID Divemaster. As a RAID Dive Leader you can plan, organise and lead dives for certified divers. 


 This program gives you the skills and experience required to safely lead groups of certified divers, and is the first step towards an exciting career as an RAID Dive Professional without requiring you to complete an RAID Divemaster program. Professional Dive Leaders can work for RAID Dive Centers, guiding dives in a variety of environments and conditions. You will earn the RAID Dive Leader certification after completing this program.

RAID Dive Leader Course Content

The RAID Dive Leader course teaches you above all to be a leader among your peers and other divers generally. You will have the ability to lead and control dives, act as a safety and rescue person on organised dives, assist RAID Instructors in training and generally be in charge of organised dive activities.

Through a combination of our cutting edge online training and interaction with your RAID Instructor, your diving knowledge will be honed to a very high level, preparing you to look after others. This will ultimately prepare you for RAID Divemaster training.

Your in-water skills will be refined to demonstration quality for dive students. You will also be prepared to support RAID Instructors during other practical parts of RAID training courses, including being trained to asses dive conditions and potential risks at dive sites.
Topics and practical workshops include:

Academic Section (all online):

  • Diving in General
  • Environment
  • Dive Equipment
  • Rescue
  • Management

Practical Section:

NOTE: Training is divided into two sections.

1. Academic, which is provided for in the course manuals / materials provided online and downloadable. These providedby Diving Bali following your registration and assigning Diving Bali as your training centre.

2. Practical, which is managed by your RAID Divemaster Instructor  

For the practical training costs, please discuss this with Diving Bali as each RAID Dive Leader program is Tailor made for each candidate depending on the RAID specialties selected.   


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