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 RAID Scuba Diving Bali Internships

 RAID Scuba Diving Bali Internships are full time residential courses at a recognized RAID Dive Centre. Because it involves total immersion (no pun intended) in dive theory and practice, it is unquestionably the best way to promote your scuba diving skills to professional levels, or to make the life-changing step up to becoming an Instructor. A well-conducted Internship will give you much more than basic qualifications. You will join in the life of a working Business and learn invaluable professional secrets along with your scuba diving skills.

A Scuba Diving Internship is only as good as the Dive Centre conducting it. The professionalism and philosophy of the people teaching you should be as exemplary as their technical and educational abilities. The habits and attitudes you acquire during your scuba internship will influence the rest of your diving career.

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Why choose Diving Bali?

 Diving Bali Scuba Diving Internships conducts RAID courses of the highest possible standard and is one of the few Dive Operations in Asia to receive the accolade of becoming an RAID Instructor Training Centre.

Diving Bali Scuba Diving Internships believes that proper dive training involves more than mastery of theory and the development of outstanding technical skills. Our reefs and oceans are in peril. As divers, we of all people should be working to preserve and enhance them. Scuba Diving Internships Bali is one of a few Operator on Bali wholly committed to reef rescue and regeneration (click on ‘About Us’ for more information on this vital subject).

Our Diving Internships are conducted at a purpose-built facility, designed by divers for divers. Unlike most other operators in Bali (and elsewhere), we have everything needed for your training right on site. Luxury rooms are a few steps away from the designer training pool; the high-tech classroom is alongside our own Café and bar. And it’s all right on the sandy beach of a traditional Balinese fishing village, minutes away from more than 30 world-class dive sites. Our Internees train on sites other divers cross the world to see.

Life after Diving Internships Bali

With RAID Scuba Diving Bali Internships there certainly is. In fact we guarantee job placement for all 100% successful RAID Instructors candidates and RAID Crossover Instructors Scuba Internships

RAID Divemaster Internships Bali, there are a couple of options when it comes to taking the RAID Divemaster course. The most popular option is to undertake one of RAID IDP Internship a Bali leading Scuba Diving Internships Bali programs These programs give you a chance to see how real RAID Divemasters work in the dive industry setting. These RAID Divemaster Internships Program Bali are normally conducted over a Scuba Internships of 6 – 9 week but this does vary

For those RAID Divemaster candidates with limited time, there is the standard 16 Days RAID Divemaster course that will enable you to complete all the training requirements in order to get the RAID Divemaster certification

RAID Scuba Diving Bali Internships

RAID Scuba Diving Bali Internships

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